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RunOut #20: Jim Reynolds’ Free Solo on Fitzroy Changes Everything/Nothing

If I told you a climber from California had free soloed three major formations in Patagonia—not only free soloing up them, but also free soloing down them, without using a rope to rappel—you’d be forgiven for thinking that I was talking about Alex Honnold. In fact, that climber was Jim Reynolds, a guy I had...

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RunOut #19: Nanga Parbat and Modern Remote Mountain SAR

In the spring season many 8,000-meter peaks are increasingly crowded with guides who are all but carrying their clientele of C-level executives and trustfunding thrillseekers to the summit. But in winter, when temps plunge to -60 below and the winds tear at a maddening clip, the 8000-meter peaks finally reveal themselves to be the truly...

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RunOut #18: Old Skool Chipping Dust-up.

In the world of Rock Climbing, few actions are more socially taboo than manufacturing holds – except, of course, wearing man-pris. And yet, if you climb limestone sport routes, your chubby digits have likely dry-fired off chipped, glued, or comfortized holds more times than you realize or are willing to admit. Yes, chipping is sport...

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RunOut #17: EPIC Michigan Ice Fest

Here are some fun facts about Michigan that you may not know. It is home to the world’s largest limestone quarry, the largest deposit of native copper, the largest cement plant, the largest crucifix, the largest bronze horse sculpture, the largest manufacturer of magic supplies, and the largest ice climbing festival in the world. OK,...

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Runout #16: Training Trends With Dan Mirsky

Training is everywhere … actual climbing, less so. Are climbers training to get better at training, or are they training to get better at climbing? It’s hard to tell just based on what you see on social media. That’s why we decided to bring in an expert, someone who could to help us decipher what...

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Runout #15: Alpinist Kitty Calhoun of Chicks Climbing and Skiing

Its January 2019, and we are shivering our way through Ice Festival Season with perhaps the most renown of them all, the Ouray Icefest in Ouray, Colorado, just around the bend. Ouray, known by most Outta-Staters as OOOray, is also home to Chicks Climbing and Skiing.  From management through to clients, Chicks Climbing and Skiing...

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Runout #14: What happened in 2018?

2017 was an incredible year for climbing. Adam Ondra established the hardest rock climb to date, and Margo Hayes and Angy Eiter pushed forward the limits of female sport climbing. Oh, yeah, and Alex Honnold free-soloed El Cap. But what happened in 2018? Off the top of my head, I couldn’t think of much …...

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RunOut #13: What’s the Future of Bear’s Ears?

In 2016, President Obama declared Bears Ears as a new national monument, protecting 1.3 million acres of land in southeast Utah. Thanks to the work of many different groups in the outdoor industry, particularly the Access Fund and Patagonia, climbing was specifically designated as a legitimate activity in this monument—home to Indian Creek and many...

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